Portrait of Clay C. Whitehead M.D.

Clay C. Whitehead M.D.

Clinical Focus

Located within walking distance of the UNC Campus, Dr.Whitehead specializes in understanding and solving the life problems of the individual which may cause depression and anxiety. He also works with couples and is interested in family issues.

Dr. Whitehead is primarily interested in identifying and solving the issues which cause life and relational problems, however, he also has an appreciation of the use of medications which may speed the road to recovery from depression and anxiety.

The creative personality has been a focus of Dr. Whitehead's practice, and he has worked with many writers, painters and sculptors.

A special area of experience, derived from his own medical identity is his work with medical professionals of all specialties. Dr. Whitehead recently contributed a paper on the developmental challenges of the Medical Identity.

Training and Experience

While trained in classical psychoanalysis, Dr. Whitehead began studies in the 1980s which built on older models but led to the elaboration of a modern therapeutic style emphasizing the possibilities of the present moment, focusing on the personal creation of the future. During the last few years he has published five papers. The most recent one proposed a significant theoretical innovation and produced a new paradigm reuniting psychotherapy and traditional science.

Dr. Whitehead has been closely associated with academia throughout his career. He received medical and psychiatric training at UCLA and has taught at UCLA and UNC.